“The Seven Levels of Truth” gives you a Blueprint to your life purpose…

…. even if you are constantly stressed and overwhelmed.

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Dear Friend, If you want your life to be more resourceful, purposeful and fulfilling this is the most important book you will ever read and it is free! I just ask that you pay shipping and handling.
From the desk of
Bill Heinrich
Las Vegas, Nevada


That’s right I have always given my clients and students a 100%, no questions asked guarantee!  Other coaches and practitioners said it was impossible to grantee results for your clients.

I disagree, totally!

Because I am a results oriented person and I developed a coaching program so powerful that I knew everyone could achieve success, I have always given a guarantee and No one has ever asked for their money back!  There are many reasons for all of my client’s successes and I promise to tell you all of them.

“The Seven Levels of Truth” was written to give you a simple blueprint that you can follow to your life purpose. It took me four years to create the perfect formula that allows you to to custom deign a personal transformation program for your self.  Every secret, tool and resource that I teach my clients are in this book!

This information is so powerful that it requires a willingness to be responsible with how you use these resources and tools.  

You already have everything you need!
Just Get the Book!

That’s right! You have every resource and tool that I refer to and use in your life right now, there is nothing else to buy! You only need to see how to arrange the puzzle pieces.

You may question some of the statements that I make so emphatically, but let me assure you that everything I say can be easily backed up. In fact, as you delve further into my revolutionary coaching tools and resources you will come to realize that what  at first thought sounded unbelievable was actually understated! The easiest way for me to explain to you why you struggle with different areas of life (some people in every area) is because we were taught to live with a blind fold on!!!

We are literally making decisions based upon who we aren’t! Every client I have ever worked with agreed 100% with this statement. It is like ripping off a blindfold and seeing a whole new vibrant, abundant, co-operative world where people are fulfilling their life purpose.

Some of this information is a little “Hard-to-Swallow” because we have all worked so hard to get where we are today. We have been focused, committed and on a daily quest for self-fulfillment, to make a contribution to the whole of society and live a meaningful life. If this describes you, I want to guarantee you that this book will enhance your life beyond your wildest dreams.

Have you ever created a Miracle?

That is how my clients describe what happens in their life after they have a clear life path blueprint. It is simple once you have all the pieces of the puzzle and you learn to put them together properly. KABOOM! Your life changes, INSTANTLY! When you have this blueprint to your life purpose you gain instant clarity and what used to be difficult decisions disappear because of your clarity and power.

You will literally be able to create miracles, I guarantee it! When you understand all of the resources available to you and how to use them (It’s Simple!) you will create many miracles in your life. Do you know what a miracle is?

“A Miracle is an unexpected event or happening that creates a positive outcome.”

“The Seven Levels of Truth” is full of answers, solutions and guarantees your success in life!

You only need a willingness to live a more peaceful, joyful, abundant and loving life!

A client of mine who owns a business that everyone views as a real success, was actually miserable. He has been in business 12 years and his business generates a very nice revenue stream which affords his family a comfortable lifestyle. He felt like he was drowning in his obligations to his family, his business and his life in general. My client was working to maintain his current lifestyle and create more wealth for his family. In fact he also owned three homes that he rented out, which had all become troublesome. He was constantly dealing with stressful situations.

After working with me less than two months, using the resources and tools in this book, his entire life was turned around. All of the rental properties were sold and he had a totally new perspective on his business, how to nurture and grow his client list. There is no lag time when you use these tools, everything happens fast, very fast! The same will be true for you!

Here is a fraction of what you’re getting in this book…….
  • Create a clear life path that allows you to make simple choices and eliminate stress
  • Get the operating system for life! Yes, I have an operating system for life so you understand how to make life actually work in your favor, all the time!
  • You will learn about your exact life lessons that reoccur in your life every day!
  • You will learn how to identify what is blocking you, standing in your way or holding you back.
  • Be able to identify access and express your Divine Gifts!

Life Is More Fulfilling Using These Tools and Resources

My true life purpose is to empower other people to empower other people!

After learning about the tools and resources available to you that allow you to live your life purpose, your life will change.  It took four years to write this book because I had to make certain that I had the contents written in a manner that would allow you to understand and immediately implement these resources in your life. With each new choice you make to live at a higher vibration you automatically have a positive affect on everyone around you. Your choice improves their lives too! Once you understand your life purpose here’s what happens:

  • You create an attractive magnetic energy that other people can physically feel.
  • You focus on creating solutions that are for the benefit of everyone involved.
  • You see situations that used to be stressful…….get resolved simply.
  • Your relationships with your spouse, family, friends and business associates will become more authentic, loving and meaningful.
  • You will have total clarity about your path in life and make choices responsibly without stress, overwhelm or internal doubt!
  • You will realize there is a powerful solution for your situation, it isn’t hopeless!
  • You will come to learn that the only problem in the world is our perception of it!
  • You will have tools that will take you “peacefully” through any challenge in life.
  • These resources show you how to connect to the unlimited abundance that is available to everyone regardless of age, race, economic conditions or your geographic location!


I have always given a 100% guarantee to every client and I am going to do it for this book too!  

That’s right, I will refund your shipping costs if you are not satisfied. If you do not gain insights that will immediately improve your life I will refund your money.  Send me an email and tell me about it and I will refund your money. Why would would I do this? It’s simple…….I deliver massive value and I am certain that it is virtually impossible not to learn techniques that will change your life instantly.

After conducting seven years “proof of concept” (with clients) and almost twenty five years personal research on the information in this book, I am very confident with my guarantee!


The cost of the book is $14.99 to cover cost of shipping and handling. 

You will be able to order the book on the next page

(This offer is only good in the continental United States)


The reason I am offering this book to you free is because I want to make a difference in the world. I am certain that when you read this book it will allow you to live a more peaceful, powerful and abundant life! As you are enjoying your new awareness about life you will also be naturally creating this awareness for others. From one candle a thousand candles can be lit.


This is a limited time offer so get your copy today.

I obviously can’t give away this book forever and I have no intention to do that. I am so committed to showing people how to live a passionate, purposeful and meaningful life that I want to get it to as many people was possible, as soon as possible. That is why I am giving the book away and only ask you to pay the shipping and handling charge.

Thank you for taking the time read this lettering I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Bill Heinrich

If you are one of the people that skips over everything and goes to the end of the letter here’s a quick re-cap.

I am offering you a 200 page book that gives you a blueprint to your specific life purpose…even if you feel confused, overwhelmed or stressed now.

The book is free, you just pay shipping and handling.

I share all of the resources and tools that I have used with clients all around the world to show them how to successfully live their true life purpose. What’s important about this is that we have our unique purpose, life lessons and past experiences in life. Everyone is different! The tools and resources in “the Seven Levels of Truth” are designed to allow to use them for your specific situation, this is not a one size fits all! It is custom tailored just for you!

On top of all of that I am also offering a free one hour “live” coaching call once a month to answer your questions.

This is a very limited offer because it is a marketing test.